Sales Coaching

Wright’s Sales Coaching will provide sales professionals with a dynamic, in-depth customized coaching program that applies social and emotional intelligence to bring out the best in each individual, boosting their sales performance and their lives!

We work with sales professionals at all levels, from solo entrepreneurs to sales managers at mid to large-sized companies.

What You'll Get

With your sales coach, you will work on key sales skills such as:

• Maintaining your pipeline
• Evaluating sales opportunities
• Setting and reaching targeted sales goals
• Building systems for accountability and support
• Developing and strengthening your networking skills

As a result of working with our sales coaches, you’ll:

• Learn how to use your social and emotional intelligence to develop your sales skills and selling techniques
• Increase sales results, accountability and discipline
• Master sales cycles to grow and penetrate accounts
• Gain skills that meet your real­ world needs and challenges
• Sell more each month and over the year


As a result of working with our sales coaches, you’ll increase your revenue, grow your network, and really own your own revenue and watch your growth on a week by week basis.


Sales coaching in one-on-one sessions can be done by phone or in person. Coaching sessions can be purchased individually or in a package.

For more information and pricing, please contact Kirsten Zoub at