Applied Mindfulness

Think about all those times a switch flips, sending you from happy to angry or from hopeless to bursting with joy in a split second. What if you could break down each moment and understand what happened when you flipped that switch?

Do you ever wonder if you could make better choices? Do you ever question how you come to make decisions at home or at work? What if you could achieve a higher level of self-awareness and develop into a more effective decision maker?

In the space of 10 to 30 seconds, you live a universe of thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Our brains move a million miles an hour, so we’re mostly unconscious to all these “micro-moments” zooming by. Because we aren’t aware of all these micro-moments, we often jump to faulty conclusions. We’re never really able to shift our thought process, refocus, and truly understand ourselves in each and every moment.

You can with our Applied Mindfulness Weekend.

Achieve a higher evel of self-awareness and develop into a more effective decision maker

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