Gay Men’s Lifestyle Program

Being a gay man ostensibly means facing challenges that others will never experience nor have the ability to understand the complexities of what one goes through. That is why Wright’s Gay Men’s Lifestyle Program is the perfect outlet for gay men to shatter their mistaken beliefs about the misconceptions often perplexing their lives.

Regardless of your current position, whether you are in the closet, only out with other gay men or are completely comfortable and out to the world, many gay men feel isolated from the rest of the world—even those that are out—and have difficulties just understanding what role they should play in society.

Wright’s Gay Men’s Program has over 300 members in the Chicagoland area with varying degrees of participation. You can decide to join us at our monthly Gay Men’s Movie Night, get Gay Men’s Coaching, be a part of the Lifestyles Program, or do it all – it’s totally up to you.

Get coaching exclusively conducted by gay men, for gay men.


The only prerequisite is that you are 21+ and we urge everyone considering joining to make a 3-month commitment to really get the opportunity to start seeing results.


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