Barbara Burgess

corporate consultant, inspirational speaker, coach, trainer

Barbara joined Wright, a transformative education organization based in Chicago, after a 20+ year career as a successful corporate executive and professional working most recently for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) where she was Director of Internet Marketing. Previous to CME, Barb was a member of the team who launched the Internet Commerce department for W.W. Grainger as well as a brand manager for their cutting-edge work in B-2-B Internet commerce.


Barbara joined Wright to put her energy behind her passion—transforming her own life and the lives of those she touches. Barbara has always been a successful corporate professional, but through her training at Wright, she also discovered how to bring more meaning and satisfaction to her career and any project she takes on. She is passionate on supporting others to do the same, specifically in the areas of enhancing their social and emotional intelligence to get better, more satisfying outcomes.

Barbara has coached professionals in a wide variety of arenas including sales, government, consumer goods, and more. Barbara coaches, trains, and speaks on a wide variety of topics including work productivity, career satisfaction, wellness and lifestyle, women’s training and development, creative conflict, social and emotional intelligence and more. Barbara is currently a leader in SOFIA—the Society of Femininity in Action—founded by Dr. Judith Wright.