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About the Authors

Judith Wright

A renowned corporate consultant, world class coach, and best selling author of There Must Be More Than This, The One Decision, and The Soft Addiction Solution, has appeared on ABC’s 20/20, Oprah, Good Morning America, and Today and in over 600 print and radio interviews including the New York Daily News, The Chicago Tribune, the Boston Herald, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bob Wright

An internationally recognized visionary, educator, program developer, speaker, entrepeneur, consultant,executive coach, and best-selling author, whose books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies globally. Recognized as top executive coach by Crain’s Business, he has helped thousands of people across the country transform their careers, relationships, and lives.


In the radical new book Transformed! best-selling author Dr. Judith Wright and acclaimed visionary Dr. Bob Wright unveil the six-phase process for individual transformation and whole-life fulfillment based on research of their highest-performing students. Young emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, boomers-in life transition, and professionals across all industries have used this six-phase process for growth and transformation and have found incredible success.


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